Frequently Asked Questions

What services do Attachment Labs offer?

We specialize in personal and professional development through attachment theory. Our services include individual, couples, and parenting coaching, professional training for practitioners, and content on various attachment-related topics.

What are the coaching rates?

We offer the following:

- Package rate savings of 20-25% ($129/session)
- Initial intake rate of $120 to make sure you find a good fit.
- Standard session rates of $180
- Waitlist sessions for Eli and Janelle ($350/hour and $1500 intensives)

What resources are available for those new to attachment theory?

We offer a comprehensive workshop series that covers the basics of attachment theory, practical applications, and advanced concepts, ideal for both beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge.

Can I schedule a direct consultation with a coach?

Yes, you can schedule a personal consultation with our coaches by filling out the intake form to be matched, or you can book directly

Coaching vs. Therapy at Attachment Labs

At Attachment Labs, we provide both coaching and therapy services, each designed to cater to different needs and goals:

Coaching: Our coaching services are available to clients worldwide and focus on fostering personal growth, improving relationship dynamics, and achieving specific life goals. Coaching is an action-oriented and goal-focused practice that helps you navigate life's challenges and opportunities with the support of attachment theory principles. It is suitable for anyone seeking guidance to enhance their life experience and relationship quality.

Therapy: Therapy services are offered only to clients who are located in Colorado, Oregon and California, where we are licensed therapists. Therapy delves deeper into emotional challenges and mental health issues, providing a space to heal and understand underlying patterns affecting your wellbeing. It's a therapeutic approach that may involve exploring past traumas, mental health conditions, and emotional healing processes.

Q: How do I choose between coaching and therapy?

The choice between coaching and therapy depends on the depth of the issues you're facing and your location:

For Personalized Coaching: If you're looking for strategic guidance and support to move forward in life, and you're located anywhere in the world, our coaching services are suitable for you. Coaching is ideal if you are not in need of mental health treatment but are eager to develop strategies for better living and relationships.

For Therapy: If you're experiencing emotional distress, mental health concerns, or wish to work through past trauma and you're located in Colorado, our therapy services may be more appropriate. Therapy is a clinical service that addresses psychological and emotional issues with therapeutic interventions.

Q: Can the same principles of attachment theory be applied in both coaching and therapy?

Yes, the principles of attachment theory are a foundational part of both our coaching and therapy services. We apply these principles to help clients understand their patterns in relationships and personal development. However, the application of these principles is tailored to fit the coaching or therapeutic context depending on your needs.

Do you accept insurance?

No, insurance companies will not reimburse for coaching expenses.

Do you accept HSA payments?

Currently, our services aren't set up to accept HSA cards directly, as they require specific health service classifications. However, you can pay upfront and seek reimbursement from your HSA provider with a detailed receipt from us (this would still require a 'billable diagnosis’ from your health care provider in order to qualify however.)