We understand that each journey is unique. That's why we've crafted specialized coaching packages designed to meet you where you are. Whether you're taking the first step or ready for a deep dive, our Attachment Coaches are here to guide you towards profound and lasting change.

Packages FAQ

How do packages work?

Packages offer a set number of sessions at a discounted rate compared to individual session pricing.

Once purchased, these sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.

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Can existing coaching clients buy packages?

Yes, just login to your account when you are purchasing. The credits will automatically be applied to your account.

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How do I apply my package to a booking?

After purchasing, you'll be prompted to apply your package towards your booking when making your next appointment.

This can be done for as many sessions as you have in your package.

Note: If you are already on a specific coach profile and want to redeem it will have you go back out to the main booking page so it registers ok.

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What if I have want more sessions for a package or have other questions or issues?

Reach out to us here with any other questions or if you would like us to create a custom package length for you for additional bulk savings.

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