Briar Lansdell

Briar Lansdell

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Briar is your go-to coach for navigating the intricacies of parenting, relationships, and personal growth. Armed with a BA in Psychology and 15 years of counseling experience, she specializes in helping women unlock secure self-attachment and harmonize their home lives. As a mother of two, she offers tried-and-true strategies for fostering emotional bonds over power struggles, drawing from a rich toolkit that includes Internal Family Systems and mindfulness practices.

My Specialties

Couples / Romantic


I have my undergrad BA in Psychology, have taken many coaching courses, and have applied to do my Masters in Social Work. I have about 15 years experience in counselling/coaching people from many walks of life and continue to find great joy in watching people step into their own power and take back their lives!

About Me

Hi, I am Briar! I am passionate about helping women come into their own unique power by earning secure attachment to Self and learning to be guided by connection in their everyday lives. I have coached many mothers in my Postpartum Partnership program, giving them tools and practical steps to learn to honour themselves, lead from a place that feels in alignment with their knowing and start to come back to a place of wholeness. We all feel better and do better when we feel supported, filled up and in alignment with our core values. I am a mother myself, of an 11 year old boy and 8 year old girl, so I have first hand experience and creative solutions in parenting (and in marriage!) with the goal of secure attachment.

It feels so much better to be in relationship with our children and partners, rather than in a place of power and control or self-sacrifice. We put in the work to play the “long game” in parenting to earn the long-term benefits of being a safe and supportive space for our children to be guided, no matter what age.

I will help guide you along your triggers, attachment wounds and brainstorming some win-win solutions for your home environment to feel more peaceful (at times!) and connected. I have utilized Internal Family Systems model to help people learn to connect to their Self and find harmony with all of their different protective parts and inner childhood wounds.

I also use mindfulness tools, breathwork, and journaling practices to help my clients feel set-up for success. I personally love to take walks in nature, break out into family dance parties, write songs on the piano, and enjoy baking (eating it too!) as ways that keep me feeling whole and connected to Self. My tribe of my own friends who are mothers are one of my biggest supports, because this journey is not meant to be journeyed alone! We all need people in our corner, I would be honored to be someone in your corner.

Looking forward to getting to know you, you are not alone. <3

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The Attachment Nerd: Highlights on Our Coaches

Briar is a connection aficionado. She is incredibly kind, patient, and insightful and her passion for supporting parents is as deep and authentic as it can come. I am always so astounded by how quickly she can understand someone and find a hopeful and helpful way to support them.

- Eli Harwood